Finding rental home Amsterdam

Finding a rental home in Amsterdam

Finding a rental home can be a challenge — especially in Amsterdam, where demand significantly exceeds supply. KRK regularly offers rental homes in the Dutch capital and receives an overwhelming number of responses for each property listing.

To properly coordinate allocation, we use a system where those who are interested can register their personal details and housing requirements. Subsequently, we match this information with the requirements the landlord sets for their new tenants. This is how we select the most suitable tenant for a house.

How do I qualify for a rental home?

Finding rental home Amsterdam

Fill out the contact form

To qualify for a rental home, you need to create a personal account called an IDD. Enter your details in the contact form, and your account information will be emailed to you. Please find the contact form here.

Finding rental home Amsterdam

Create a personal account

After filling out the contact form, your login name for your IDD account will be emailed to you. You will receive a second email to change your password. Once you’re logged in to your IDD account, you can also create a search profile, which allows us to keep you informed of our current rental offer. Please note: creating several accounts works to your disadvantage.

Finding rental home Amsterdam

Make sure your file is complete

After filling out your personal address details, you should upload all requested documents. Please upload all documents and make sure your file is complete. It’s quite the task, but you can also use your account for any houses we will offer in the future.

Once your file is complete, you will receive a notification. After that, all you can do is wait. It may take a while for us to contact you with a suitable offer.

Finding rental home Amsterdam

We understand how difficult it is to wait

If your file is complete and your information matches the requirements set for a new tenant, you might be invited to a house viewing. Unfortunately, meeting the requirements doesn’t guarantee an invitation, as demand for rental homes significantly exceeds supply. We regret that we can only invite a selection of candidates. If you want to stand a chance, your file needs to be complete.

Is your file complete and up to date (are all documents less than 3 months old)? In that case, you won’t have to do anything. You automatically have a chance to be invited to a house viewing. Make sure you carefully read the information provided about the house in question to familiarize yourself with the criteria set for new tenants as well as any priority rules. Such things may differ per property.

We will process your information

Calling us will not increase your chances of getting a rental home. If you want to explain something or ask a question, please send an email to Unfortunately, we cannot help you by phone.

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